Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register at Lively50plus?

Just fill in the registration form and we’ll send you regular email updates. There are no fees applicable for Lively50plus as it is run by volunteers. It’s all really, really simple.

By the way we respect your privacy. Your details will not be shared with others for any reason.

What does it cost to join?

Nothing - Lively50plus is entirely 100% Free, No charge, Gratis - plus it's open to anyone who wants to use it and supported almost entirely by volunteers.

Are these events just for singles or for anyone?

Lively50plus is not only for singles (though they have shown most interest so far) - couples and families are also welcome to use Lively50plus to meet others with similar interests at events in their local area. Many of the events are a mixture of single people and couples.

It's just a great way to get out and about doing the things you like to do with other people. For people who are new to the area it's also a brilliant way to meet people.

I haven't been before - tell me what happens?

We try to make sure there is a host at each event and list their first name & number along with the event. These wonderful people volunteer to help make it as easy as possible for others, especially newcomers, at events.

If you are coming for the first time or have any special needs, give them a call before the event to let them know you are coming and they can give you all the details for that particular event.

How do I know who/where the Lively50plus crowd are at an event?

The best way is to contact the host (preferably prior to the event) so that they can advise you where to meet and how to recognise them. We leave it up to the host to decide how to do it as different approaches are necessary at different types of events. You will find that once you've come once or twice it's usually pretty easy to find a familiar Lively50plus face who will know where everyone is.

Can I suggest an event?

Definitely - people are very welcome to use this website to host any event or activitiy that interest them - in fact others are already doing just that. The range of events is only limited by people's imagination and their willingness to act as a host for the event.

Our intention is for Lively50plus to be freely available for anyone and everyone to add events to the site - provided the events are primarily about people enjoying themselves with others, and likely to be interesting to singles and couples over the age of 50.

Who Is Going List

As an administrator, you can add people to the list of names that are planning to attend an event that you are hosting.

The list of names must be comma separated. For example,
Peter D, Anne H, Fred J, Diane R

Of course, we like to encourage members to login and add their own name to the list, but this is a good alternative when people do not have access to the internet.

We have noticed if people see a few others going to an event they are more likely to give it a go.

How do I host an event?

Hosting an event is simple and fun.

The idea behind hosting is to make it easy for newcomers to attend an event. It also encourages other members to go along when they know for certain that this is a hosted event and they are likely to meet up with friends.

Here are the basics

  1. Create an event that you are definitely going to attend (baring illness etc.).
  2. Answer comments on the event & keep others up to date via suitable comments.
  3. Be available to talk to people if they call and offer help & encouragement.
  4. Introduce people to others at the event, particularly newcomers.
  5. Maybe take some photos and load them on the website.

Who organises Lively50plus events in my area?

With Lively50plus there is no one person who organises events in a particular area or anywhere for that matter. Lively50plus operates mostly by people telling us about events they are going to or would like to go to.

If it looks like the event is likely to be interesting to people using Lively50plus, we put the event up on the website and look for someone to act as a Host for the event. If people are interested in going they let us know.

What's the difference between Adding an event and Hosting an event?

Not much - that's because we keep everything so simple at Lively50plus that hosting an event is a breeze.

Basically you can suggest any event but it's then up to us to decide if it is worthwhile posting. We will then look for someone else to act as the Host for the event.

However if you are prepared to do the little bit extra required to host an event we will always list the event (provided the event is primarily about people enjoying themselves with others, likely to be interesting to people using Lively50plus & meets a MA+15 classification).

That's because hosted events typically get much stronger interest from people using Lively50plus.

How do I post a Comment on an event?

Just click where it says Comments and fill in the form. You will need to be logged in to add a comment.

I'm hosting an event. How can I let new people know where I am at an event?

We leave it up to the host to decide how to do it, but here�s some ideas to help spark your imagination:

  1. Wear an item of clothing people can easily identify.
  2. Tie coloured balloons to a chair.
  3. Wear coloured ribbons pinned or tied to your clothing.
  4. Display a sign on the table.

It's generally a good idea to make it a little discreet as some people are reluctant to be identified publically as part of a group. It's also helpful to identify yourself to the people running the venue if this is practical.

What happens if it rains at weather dependent events?

The only way to find out is to contact the host for the particular event on the day. We try to make sure there is a contact (or preferably a host) at each event and list their first name & number along with the event.

I am a business/club/organisation. Can I list our events on Lively50plus?

Our aim is to simply to allow people to meet others at events in their local area. As such we see other organisations using the website for their purposes as a plus. We've had good support from musicians, businesses and other groups that are involved in people going out and enjoying themselves with others.

We know from experience that creating and maintaining a website is a major undertaking for many groups, clubs etc. With Lively50plus we've made it pretty easy for other groups to add their events. Several organisations are now using Lively50plus to list all their events for both their members and others.

Even if groups have their own website, they can also put the events on Lively50plus and link back to their website. Because Lively50plus covers a wide range of events in a broad area these groups can tell a lot more people about their events.

In particular by listing their events on Lively50plus they get people who wouldn't otherwise go because with Lively50plus people don't have to go out alone.

How do I find who is going to an event?

We attempt to maintain a Who's Going list for every event. We've noticed if people see a few others going they are more likely to give it a go - so we encourage everyone to let us know if they are planning to go to an event.

How do I let everyone know if I am attending an event?

If you are planning to go to an event, you should use the Who's Going form at the bottom of each current event. We will than add you to the Who's Going list for the event.

People using Lively50plus often look at Who's Going to see who and how many are going when deciding to go to an event - so it's greatly appreciated if everyone can indicate when they are going.

What info do we need to list an event?

For each event we need:

  1. What - simple description of what the event is about.
  2. Why - tell people why it's worthwhile going (sell the event).
  3. When - date and time.
  4. Where - detailed address plus any helpful additional instructions.
  5. Cost - how much if anything.
  6. Host - name and contact number.

Also include a link to a website if you have one and if at all possible a link to where we can get a suitable photo or two (remember the old saying "a picture is worth a thousand words".) The numerous events listed on the site each week should give you plenty of examples of what is required.

Scope of an Event

The scope of an event refers to whether that event is open for everyone on Lively50plus to attend or whether the event is restricted to members of the social group that are hosting the event.

An example of an open event would be most of the morning coffee groups, the Friday night walk, bike riding, Trivia Challenge, and various yoga and dance classes. A restricted event is more limited in scope and may include activities such as a movie night, a card game, a house party, and dinner at a restaurant.

All open events are published on the Lively50plus website and the newsletter.

Restricted events are not included in the main newsletter, but are listed on the website and viewable to members of the relevant social group. Of course, you will need to login to see these restricted events.

I met someone really nice at an event - how do I get their phone number?

You go to another event where you hopefully meet them again & ask for their number. We respect people's privacy, therefore, phone numbers and email addresses are not shared with others for any reason other than you are hosting the event.

How often do you send out Email Updates?

We send out a weekly email every Wednesday to let everyone know of events planned. It is also an opportunity to remind members that they can post their own ideas for future events.

Do you plan to extend Lively50plus to my local area?

Yes certainly - if there is enough interest we would consider adding events for other regions.