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Learn Tai Chi Level II

Warning: this event has been hidden by the owner
Learn Tai Chi Level II
If you have learned some Tai chi before and you are keen to move onto Level II, please join me on Thursday 4:00pm in Cotton Tree Park.

I will provide further instruction on the knowledge of Tai chi such as, how Tai chi can preserve health and prevent diseases etc.

I also teach a Monday class for complete beginners.

Notice : I apologise that there is no tai chi class in July . it will continue at the beginning of August .
please call me if you join us.
Thursday at 4.00pm every week (next 21-Jul-2016)
cotton tree park
between the swimming pool and children playgroud
Contact details hidden as this is a past event.
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Good evening, could you please send me information about your classes held at Cotton Tree Park. I am a beginner so have no experience whatsoever but am keen :) Thanks so much.
Kind regards,
Colette M. Pettifer.

Colette P on 17-Jul-2020
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Shin N  
Learn Tai Chi Level II, cotton tree park, Maroochydore, What To Do In Maroochydore