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Yoga At Little Mountain
Little Mountain

Warning: this event has been temporarily suspended due to coronavirus
YOGA FRIDAY 9.30AM and TUESDAY 9.30AM Classes are gentle and encourage you to work with your body in a friendly relaxed environment to promote a greater sense of well being and body awareness through movement and breath. Casual classes $15 or 5 classes for $60. Ph Helen 0411082386

We are now doing classes at the new venue at Little Mountain, which has a coffee shop giving us the option of having a coffee and a chat after class.
Tuesday at 9.30am every week (next 07-Apr-2020)
Churches of Christ Community Room 3. Behind the Aq
211 Parklands Blvd LITTLE MOUNTAIN
Little Mountain
Helen Melrose
e: suntransformer28@gmail.com
Contact the host to confirm booking.
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Yoga At Little Mountain, Churches of Christ Community Room 3. Behind the Aq, Little Mountain, What To Do In Little Mountain