Feldenkrais Movement Classes

Feldenkrais Movement Classes
Fascinating Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement lessons - 1hr classes which run on a 6 week term basis - newcomers welcome to join in week 1 of each term. Check my website (link below) for current term dates.

Gentle & pleasurable movements that aim to:
. Improve posture, balance, breathing, co-ordination and flexibility
. Reduce pain & stiffness
. Create ease & comfort
. Increase calm, decrease tension
. Use your brain's intelligence to re-train your movements

Feldenkrais has been in the news since the release of Dr Norman Doidge's book "The Brain's Way of Healing" which features Feldenkrais in 2 chapters. So what is Feldenkrais all about? Come along to class to find out or book an introductory private one-on-one session - currently a VERY SPECIAL price is available!
Check out my website www.robynlavery.com.au for further info. Or the Australian Feldenkrais Guild website www.feldenkrais.org.au. Or google Feldenkrais - there's lots of information - it's worldwide!

Attend for the full term or come on a casual basis.
SPECIAL DEAL! Check out whether Feldenkrais is for you. PAY ONLY $16 FOR YOUR FIRST CLASS. Attend whenever you can (subject to space availability - phone to confirm)

Save with a prepaid term pass = $15 per class
$20 per class - casual rate

Phone 0429 323 931 or email feldenkrais@robynlavery.com.au to secure your place
Tuesday at 10.30am every week (next 25-Feb-2020)
Zest for Life Wellness Centre
2/96 Aerodrome Road
Maroochydore [View Map]
Robyn Lavery
m: 0429 323931
e: L5Prl@blavery.com
Contact the host to confirm booking.
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