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African Drumming For Beginners

Warning: this event has been temporarily suspended due to coronavirus
African Drumming For Beginners
African Drumming 4 Week Course.

Never done a class before? You can grab your course for $50 here: https://rhythmculture.com.au/drumming-classes/

Open African Drumming 4 week course is for all levels. There is a focus on a new rhythm every 4 weeks, fun warm ups and call and response exercises. Experience West African rhythms and drumming with others in a led class which teaches you the different ensemble parts to a rhythm and then learning how to bring it all together. Great for coordination, exercise and of course mind/body balance and joy!
Tuesday at 5.30pm every week (next 07-Apr-2020)
Palmwoods Memorial Hall
1 Main Street
Nathaniel Combs
e: info@rhythmculture.com.au
Contact the host to confirm booking.
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