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Tai Chi For Beginners

Warning: this event has been temporarily suspended due to coronavirus
Tai Chi For Beginners
THIS CLASS IS SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Permanent weekly class MONDAY mornings, 8.30 - 9.30 at the Maroochy Botanical Gardens, sponsored by the Sunshine Coast Council's Healthy Sunshine Coast programme. Take the Main entrance path and look ahead, we are right there under the shady trees - I will have signage out for you. I will be there every Monday, rain or shine. If it is raining we will be in the shelter area beside the car park.
COST for one full hour is $5. Please wear comfortable clothing, flat-soled shoes and bring a drink.

This is a weekly class designed to introduce you to the joy of Tai Chi, with clear language and demonstrations plus skills you can bring in to your daily life from your very first class. If you've tried Tai Chi in the past but found it too demanding/complicated and that the Instructor didn't take the time to explain how and why we move as we do - THIS CLASS IS FOR YOU !!

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Monday at 8.30am every week (next 06-Apr-2020)
Maroochy Botanical Gardens
located on Palm Creek Road, Tanawha, beside the Tanawha Golf Course
Tanawha [View Map]
KaZ Blake-Owen
m: 0407525980
e: taichiharmony@iinet.net.au
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