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Tai Chi For Beginners

Warning: this event has been temporarily suspended due to coronavirus
Tai Chi For Beginners
THIS CLASS IS SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Please note: this class is now FULL. Please contact KaZ if you are interested in starting a new class after Easter.

You are invited to join our new class starting on TUESDAY 3rd MARCH 2020. Our original class at CWA HALL is now FULL however due to popular demand, Healthy Sunshine Coast has agreed to sponsor a 2nd class in Nambour which will be:

Nambour Showgrounds precinct in the old School building. As you enter Showgrounds from Coronation Avenue, take the first street on left (Heritage Terrace), you will see the School up on the right. Time will be 9.45 am to 10.45 am.

If you've ever tried Tai Chi before but found it too demanding or too complicated, try this. Adults of all ages are very welcome to attend. KaZ will guide you from the very beginning, with clear explanations and demonstrations of how and why we move as we do, so that you will improve your health from class one. Specialising in Seniors' health and wellbeing, KaZ is a professional accredited Instructor whose focus is to strengthen mind and body in Harmony.

This class is sponsored by Healthy Sunshine Coast, cost is $5 for a full hour session.

Please wear comfortable clothing, flat-soled shoes and bring a drink.

Please also confirm your interest in the Who's Going box below.

I am looking forward to meeting everyone very soon.

Tuesday at 9.45am every week (next 14-Apr-2020)
Showground precinct
Heritage Terrace
KaZ Blake-Owen
m: 0407525980
e: taichiharmony@iinet.net.au
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What an amazing turnout this morning !!! Unfortunately we had so many participants on our first class that I cannot take any more newbies for this class. If anyone still interested in learning Tai Chi with Tai Chi Harmony please let me know and I may be able to arrange another class in Nambour after Easter. Contact me directly: taichiharmony@iinet.net.au

KaZ B on 03-Mar-2020
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KaZ B  
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