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Peter Deacon

Sunshine Laughter Group
Cotton Tree

Sunshine Laughter Group
Come join our Sunshine Laughter Group for a laugh and friendship in beautiful Cotton Tree Park. We are a casual group of people who meet in the park for a laugh and everyone is welcome! We meet every Saturday at 9am in the park opposite 37 The Esplanade, Cotton Tree.

It is a very informal, no fuss get together of about a 30 minute laughter session (includes laughter, lots of silliness and breathing exercises) followed by a cuppa and a catch up in the park.

No cost for the Laughter session, no membership fees, no forms and no fuss. Just come along - no need to book.

Your body can not tell the difference between real and fake laughter - so why not give it a go?

Laughter helps to give you a sense of joy and well being. It is proven to relieve stress, anxiety and depression and helps to produce more endorphins in your brain.

Our Laughter sessions are not about the person who can laugh the loudest or tell a funny joke. It is a combination of simple situational laughter exercises with elements of childlike playfulness and movement. It's more about finding the spontaneous joy and fun that can bubble up gently - in any case it will be uniquely yours.

- No jokes, humour or comedy - you just fake it till you make it

- Combines situational laughter exercises, breathing & stretching

- The breath increases the oxygen to the brain and body

- Stimulates fits of spontaneous infectious laughter

- Anyone can laugh for no reason

- Ideal for all ages

Session starts around 9am and goes for about 30 minutes - then we have a coffee and catch up in the park. You are welcome to come and join us!
Saturday at 9.00am every week (next 31-Oct-2020)
Cotton Tree Park
Opposite 37 The Esplanade
Cotton Tree [View Map]
Karin Lowe
No booking required, just add your name to the Who's Going list to let others know you will be attending.
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