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The Lift Project Sunshine Coast (Round Three) – Lift your Mood and your Life! – REGISTER NOW FOR FREE AND MAKE 2021 YOUR BEST YEAR YET!
The Lift Project Sunshine Coast is a FREE* online program, offered by the Sunshine Coast Council, designed to improve your health and wellbeing.
It is a unique evidence-based and comprehensive program, that draws together the latest research from Neuroscience, Lifestyle Medicine and Positive Psychology. WHY DO IT?
It is well known that positive mental and physical health and wellbeing has many benefits; not the least, to just feel really, really good!
The Lift Project Sunshine Coast gives Sunshine Coasters the tools for lifelong health and wellbeing - where you can learn strategies to help manage stress and anxiety, better deal with challenges, improve vitality, resilience and life satisfaction. It’s also fun to do, and although all the lessons are underpinned by science, they are presented in a very light-hearted and entertaining way.
EVERYONE! No matter what your age or background, you can do this program. You can do it individually, as a family or as a group – at home, at school, at work, or at your organisation. It’s also perfect to go through the lessons with young children, teenagers, and residents at aged-care facilities too.
Once you are registered and the program has commenced, each week for 10 weeks, you receive an email and link to a short video lesson, together with additional snippets and weekly challenges to put into action what you have learnt. You are encouraged to write down your learnings and reflections from that week in the supplied e-journal (which is yours to keep), and share these learnings with the program's private Facebook group, and your friends and family.
Feedback from registrants of both the first and second rounds of the program has been overwhelming positive, with the program making a real change in the lives of many.
Registration is free and simple – click HERE to join NOW! -
REGISTRATIONS CLOSE: Sunday 31 January 2021
PROGRAM COMMENCES: Monday 8 February 2021
PROGRAM ENDS: Sunday 25 April 2021 (Ten weeks)
PLEASE SHARE THE WORD about The Lift Project Sunshine Coast with your friends, family, colleagues and if relevant, clients living here, as we want to ensure as many Sunshine Coasters as possible are upLIFTED! – there is no limit to how many can register for the program, or how many times you can complete it.
For further information on the program, please visit –
If you have any questions on the program, please email:
JOIN THE PROGRAM to create a complete, fulfilled and happy life, where you eat well, move well, think well, rest well, connect well and serve well.
So come on Sunshine Coast, let’s ensure we are all upLIFTED togther and let’s make 2021 our best year yet! – REGISTER NOW!
Please Note – this round is identical to the previous two, however you are more than welcome to register again, in case you missed some of the previous lessons, or want to reinforce some of the learnings.
*Sunshine Coast Local Government Area residents only.
Monday at 9.00am every week (next 12-Apr-2021)
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