Bach & Vivaldi - The Legends Of Baroque

Bach & Vivaldi - The Legends Of Baroque
Although we are all “grounded” now, isolated in our island-nation bubble, music continues to connect us with people around the globe. Even in times before international travel could whisk us across the globe in only a day or so, musical styles and influences still travelled between centres such as northern Italy to Germany and England. As composer-performers moved from one city to another, the latest musical fashions travelled with them.

In their upcoming concert, Arioso Chamber Ensemble will explore the links between two “Legends” of the Baroque era, namely Antonio Vivaldi and JS Bach, in an exciting program of virtuoso arias and solo instrumental works.

Now in their eighth year of performing together, Arioso Chamber Ensemble: soprano Judit Molnár, Margaret Caley (baroque violin), Belinda Manwaring (baroque cello) and Janet Brewer (harpsichord) look forward to sharing this musical journey with audiences in South-East Qld, and at the New England Bach Festival, Armidale, NSW
Sunday at 2.30pm 09-May-2021
The Majestic Theatre
3 Factory Street
Pomona [View Map]
Janet Brewer
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