Karma: “the Law Of Life: ”barry Bowden

KARMA: “The Law of Life: ”Barry Bowden
Karma is a Universal Law that has many layers to it. This word is used so much today and possibly people think they know what it means, however it has been said by one of our Adept teachers, one can only know Karma when you are beyond it. It is an impersonal law that operates personally, Karma operates on the Physical, Emotional and Mental planes of nature. It works intricately with another law of nature and that is reincarnation, they are inseparable from each other in their workings and this is a fascinating study also.
Sunday 2.00 pm at North Shore Community Centre, 701 David Low Way, Mudjimba
Please advise if you are planning to come to this event. Cost $5,00 includes Tea or Coffee
Sunday at 2.00pm 23-May-2021
North Shore Community Centre,
701 David Low Way,
Linda Davies
e: 439manor@gmail.com
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Karma: “the Law Of Life: ”barry Bowden, North Shore Community Centre,, Mudjimba, What To Do In Mudjimba