The Sculpture Garden Exhibition 9-17 Oct

The Sculpture Garden Exhibition 9-17 Oct
Would you like to celebrate Spring surrounded by uniquely crafted artworks? Then indulge yourself at this year’s stunning Sculpture Garden exhibition. The resident potters and sculptors from Buderim’s Craft Cottage invite you to join them for a showcase of their latest creations.

Each year since 1997, the artists have drawn from a deep well of knowledge, skills, and inspiration to create their individual pieces for the exhibition. The beautiful comradery between the members sees the sharing of experience honed over decades, to continue to provide a diverse and evolving collection of indoor and outdoor pieces.

Deidre Phipps, the group’s leader, explains “The Cottage studio allows the artists to employ complex building, glazing, and firing methods to transform humble clay into works from the heart. The exhibition brings these pieces together, with each artwork capturing the uniqueness and inner beauty of its creator. The artists openly welcome discussions with visitors.”

This is a unique opportunity. Indulge your artistic curiosity, support a talented local artist, and find a special treasure by visiting the 2021 Sculpture Garden exhibition. Complete the day with a visit to one of the many local eateries, take in the breathtaking views and remember Buderim in October.

Entry is free and all works are for sale.

Dates: 9th October - 17th October
Hours: 9am to 4pm daily
Saturday at 9.00am 09-Oct-2021
Atrium Gallery, Buderim Craft Cottage
5 Main Street
Buderim [View Map]
Michelle Babin
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