Mother & Son
Noosa Heads

She’s back!! From the creator of the hit TV series, Geoffrey Atherden, comes a delightful stage comedy featuring all of your old favourites Maggie, Arthur, Robert and Liz.
Geoffrey Atherden penned the first episodes of ‘Mother & Son’ in 1984 creating an instant classic. Many years later he has done it again!
Julie McGregor (Betty in ‘Hey Dad’) and Christopher Truswell (Nudge in ‘Hey Dad’) will take on the roles made famous by Ruth Cracknell and Garry McDonald in this nostalgic trip down “loss-of-memory lane”.
‘Mother & Son’ reinvigorates a treasured Australian comedy icon with Atherden’s distinctive brand of acerbic wit, mixing together the sweet, the sharp, the savage and the sad in Maggie and Arthur’s complex, dysfunctional relationship. This freshened version of the beloved Logie Award-winning show finds long-suffering second son Arthur Beare hoping for the chance to finally take his new flame Anita (Kate Cullen) away on a little holiday. His only chance for a break however involves recruiting help from his successful but selfish brother Robert (John Rush) – but the firstborn favourite has enough on his hands. The philandering dentist has been doing distinctly unhygienic things with his hygienist – and when his wife Liz (Alli Pope) finds out, Arthur’s troubles double as Robert lands on the doorstep. It doesn’t help that manipulative Maggie is in fine form and sabotaging Arthur’s chances of romance at every turn.
Saturday at 7.30pm 26-Feb-2022
The J
60 Noosa Drive
Noosa Heads
Alli Pope
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