Theosophical Society Public Meeting

The Enigma Of The Arts

In the Ancient Wisdom, Art is given as one of the four pillars of Gnosis. The others being Science, Philosophy and Religion. Allowing for the terminology of the time, most of us would agree to the last Three. However, we may have difficulty with the first, Art. This talk addresses this significant issue. Ignorance is a major reason. For example we know little of why music impacts us strongly, let alone Art forms such as painting, sculpture, poetry, drama & architecture. The key issue of Art as a factor in soul development is also discussed, with insights of those who have addressed this enigma. Presented by Dr David Allen
A small cost to help pay for hiring the hall will be $5 for Members $7 for non Members
Thursday at 7.00pm 02-Jun-2022
Croquet Club
Syd Lingard Drive,
Linda Davies
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