Linen And Clothes Collection 5th June 22
Sunshine Beach

Linen And Clothes Collection 5th June 22
TEXTILE RECYCLING IS HERE Clean out your cupboards and drawers, we have an awesome Linen and Clothing collection happening on 5th June World Environment Day, at Bicentennial Hall carpark, Sunshine Beach.
All Linen will get recycled and turned into new products (an Australian first) and the Clothing will get sold through Vinnies.

Over 1million tonnes of textiles end up in landfill every year and that’s just Australia!

Please pack Linen and Clothes into separate bags, Linen includes sheets, towels, duvet covers, pillow cases and tea towels. For more info go to
Sunday at 8.00am 05-Jun-2022
Bicentennial Hall carpark,
Bicentennial Drive, Sunshine Beach Noosa
Sunshine Beach
Noosa Council
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Linen And Clothes Collection 5th June 22, Bicentennial Hall carpark,, Sunshine Beach, What To Do In Sunshine Beach