Learn To Play Pickleball - 2nd July
Mountain Creek

Learn To Play Pickleball - 2nd July
FREE first session - come and try out Pickleball INDOORS. BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL. To book, please email jen on communications@sunshinecoastpickleball.org. Equipment is provided. 2 courts are available for new players only and dedicated coaches to help you get started. Please bring water bottle, wear comfy clothes and sports shoes or joggers. To see all our events, please click on this link -

Pls note - Mountain Creek State HIGH School. (Not the State School across the road). Park your car near pool, walk thru boomgate, you will find us in the building on the left, just listen for the pickleballs!

Read about the fun and addictive sport of Pickleball below!!!!!

Pickleball is a paddle sport you can learn in minutes and play for a lifetime.

It brings together elements of tennis, badminton, and ping pong to create a sport that’s fun for all ages and skill levels, but gets fast-paced and exhilarating at competitive levels.

How is pickleball different to other net sports?

- It’s easier to pick up than many net sports

- It’s lower impact than tennis, so it’s easier on the body

- It focuses on quick reflexes and aiming, rather than spiking the ball, powerful serves, or running speed

These differences open pickleball up to a greater range of players. Whether you’ve been playing tennis your whole life, or you’re walking onto a court for the first time; whether you’re young, old, or in between; whether you’re strategic and competitive, or just want to get involved in something fun, social, or active… pickleball is for you.
Saturday at 8.00am 02-Jul-2022
Mountain Creek State High School Indoors
Lady Musgrave Drive
Mountain Creek
Jen Wheeler
e: communications@sunshinecoastpickleball.org
Contact the host to confirm booking.
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