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Peter Deacon

Maroochydore Toastmasters Club

Warning: this event has been temporarily suspended due to coronavirus
Maroochydore Toastmasters Club
Exciting news for Maroochydore Toastmasters Club! We are relocating from January 15th to Level 5 of the Kontiki Building, in Plaza Parade, Maroochydore. Starting on January 15th, this is a fabulous new venue for us, and we look forward to welcoming our members and guests to a large, open, new space, where we meet on the FIRST & THIRD Wednesdays of each month. Do check your calendar for the right date as the webpage doesn't allow for this entry!
Maroochydore is a warm and friendly club, where we love guests attending and new members are nurtured to grow in their confidence and enjoyment of public speaking. Our excellent internationally sourced program helps you to develop your speaking skills in front of a small group of supportive members. Each new member is assigned an experienced mentor, who will assist you to write and practise your prepared speeches and build up your confidence for impromptu speaking. You will also learn the basics of sound meeting procedure, an excellent tool for conducting public meetings with order and skill. New members have found that they are better prepared, more confident and calm, for a variety of real life tasks, from student assignments to work-related tasks, such as job applications or public presentations and even being Master of Ceremony at a best friend's wedding.

Whether you are a novice speaker or an experienced speaker, Maroochydore Toastmasters gives you a safe space and a proven system to develop your speaking skills for your next conversation, your next meeting or your next presentation.
And remember, check your calendar for the right date: the FIRST & THIRD Wednesdays of the month. Hope to see you soon...
Wednesday at 6.00pm every week (next 04-Nov-2020)
Kon-Tiki Building, Suite 503, Level 5
55 Plaza Parade
Glyni Cumming
m: 0448 194 264
No booking required, just add your name to the Who's Going list to let others know you will be attending.
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