Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga
This class is designed for people who are starting to feel the aches and tension related to a lifetime of sitting, standing, driving or generally just being stressed.

There are many ways to practice yoga and at this time of life I like to do most of it lying on the floor. This is not a dynamic practice, it is passive and it's adapted to suit your body and your flexibility.

Yoga is a gateway to stillness of mind and we'll be relaxing the body, releasing tension and removing stagnation from the meridians that run along the hips and legs.

You'll have time to pause and allow your body to move at its own pace. Most poses will be held for at least 2 minutes so you'll have the chance to choose whether you want to deepen or soften your practice depending on what your body wants.

Gentle yoga does not require any previous yoga experience.

Each session will conclude with a soothing guided meditation and a chance to ask any questions.

Only 4 places available so bookings are essential.

Best parking is Wunnunga Crescent, adjacent to Neurum Road.
Saturday at 10.00am every week (next 15-Jun-2024)
Private home
Studio, 23 Neurum Road
Hannah Hempenstall
Contact the host to confirm booking.
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