Wanted someone to help.

Mature Lady to Help me compile a book maybe for publication in about two years time.
It will be based on Fact , but might have to be (for legal reasons) have to be called a Novel.
As the story is a mixture Irish and Australian, I need a person who can provide Balance for Cultural reasons. So it would be best if the Co-Writer lived or grew up in Ireland so the Irish Catholic life and Education comes easy?
For practical Communication reasons it would be nice if She lived in North Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast?
It is not intended to be a money making project, but it should be of practical Help to people who have suffered by the sometimes crazy legal systems on both sides of the world, mostly in relation to Domestic abuse of any kind?
I expect we would have to meet Fact to Face a few times before we start, to discus expectations. Regards Jim.
Member is Jim C (Caloundra)
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