After weeks of social distancing, the Queensland Government is gradually easing restrictions around public gatherings. Cautiously, we look forward to seeing more local events listed on Lively50plus. If in doubt about whether a particular event is currently operating, please check with the contact person for that event.

If you do attend an event, please practice appropriate social distancing and follow the Australian Government health warnings.

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Stay safe everyone.
Peter Deacon


***Reflexology "Energy Boost" packages***
(4x60mins) = $ 200
Boost Your Immune System
Cleanse your body of toxins & impurities.

The body has its own cleansing system.
If this system becomes blocked or is
functioning below its optimum level,
toxins can build up in the system.

Reflexology induces deep relaxation
this allows the elimination system to more effectively
discard the bodies’ wastes.
Ally Jamieson
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