SafeMate - Your Lifeline in a Medical Emergency



SafeMate is a digital assistive technology support service utilising the latest QR technology giving Queensland paramedics INSTANT access to your essential medical information in an emergency situation. Working with Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) since 2017, SafeMate takes the stress out of a stressful situation for both the patient and family.

If you are disoriented or unconscious, your personal SafeMate QR code provides you with life-saving technology. When seconds can mean the difference between a full or partial recovery, life or death, this is extraordinary! Feedback from QAS paramedics has been proven to save up to 10 minutes in an emergency situation. SafeMate's beauty is in it's instant information when we arrive (Quote from QAS Paramedic).

SafeMate is a secure, affordable way to provide peace of mind. With SafeMate, you know that if you’re ever caught in an emergency, QAS can access your medical details fast!

Who benefits from SafeMate?
- Elderly people still living at home suffering from chronic conditions
- People living with a disability or mental health issue
- People who are on a long list of medications to ensure any treatment does not react with your prescriptions
- People who are allergic to Penicillin or Morphine etc which if administered can be detrimental to your health
- People who have surgical implants
- People working in high risk occupations
- And anyone who finds it difficult to converse should a paramedic be called out to an emergency

What’s great about SafeMate?
- SafeMate can be claimed under your NDIS or My Aged Care Plan. Ask us how!
- No expensive equipment to install and maintain.
- You decide what information you enter into your SafeMate profile. You are in control.
- You can easily update your details on any time you need to.
- Secure & Private: Your details are encrypted and stored in Australia by SafeMate. Only accredited people authorised by you have access.
- All Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) paramedics are trained to look for your SafeMate QR code.
- QAS can access your details even if you’re unconscious or disoriented. You get treated right - right away!
- You can use SafeMate to remember the medications you’re taking.
- There’s no heavy pendant to weigh you down. A discreet card in your wallet, a sticker on your phone, is all you need.
- SafeMate is affordable, at less than $2 per week.

All Lively 50 Plus members can save 10% on their SafeMate subscription.
All new sign-ups will receive an extra 3 MONTHS FREE.
3 months free will be added to your subscription once 12 months have been paid in full.
Offer valid to 30th June 2022.

Annual Subscription:
Normally $96 - For Lively 50 Plus members pay only $86.40 per year
($0.24 per day or $1.65 per week)

Monthly Subscription:
Normally $10 - For Lively 50 Plus members pay only $9 per month
($0.30 per day or $2.10 per week)

Get your SafeMate subscription today:
Step 1: Order your SafeMate subscription now with 10% off
Step 2: After you receive your SafeMate kit (includes a card and two stickers), go to our website >> My Account >> log in and fill in your SafeMate profile.
Step 3: Receive fast and effective treatment when paramedics scan your personal SafeMate QR code in a medical emergency.

This service is currently only available in Queensland.

If you have any questions about SafeMate, please feel free to contact us today.
We’d love to hear from you!

Call: (07) 3184 9109 or 0417 745 432
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