Qualified Counsellor & Holistic Therapist

Inner-Soul Communications uses various Holistic Therapies and Counselling Practices that are customised and unique for each individuals Healing pathway - with the intention of overall optimal Health and Well-being!

Over 30yrs -experience as Holistic Therapist/ Practitioner - My focus is on the whole person and their self-care: Exploring, collaborating, co-creating tools that supports, heals and empowers individuals to live a more conscious and aware life.... these individuals aspire to create and sustain a healthy "Mind-Body-Soul."


💃Counselling for Women💃

Holistic Counselling ~ In a relaxed safe and nurturing space
Sessions are customised and individualised:
Drawing on a combination of Counselling theories & practices.
Example: Solution Focused Therapy (SFT) , Acceptance Centred Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).
Offering online and face to face sessions.

🌳”Walk and Talk Therapy”🌳

Walking and Talking in Nature is a Powerful Organic & Dynamic Process.
Movement + Expression = Alignment

Counselling in Nature as opposed to an Office, allows people the opportunity to be in an open environment, and may help with feeling more open, comfortable and relaxed.
Evidence indicates that physical activity in nature and being mindful of movement has a positive impact on mental & physical health & well-being.

🦋Therapeutic Massage - Women🦋

Massage is a powerful Healing tool in reducing tension & stress, and enhances organ, lymphatic and nerve function.
Take time out to Relax & Nurture your Body Mind and Soul, with a nourishing therapeutic massage...
*Head, Shoulders and Upper Back
**Offering in house and mobile service**

I look forward to connecting with you !

In appreciation

Kerryann 🌸

**ACA Member #15115**
**InnerSoul Communications Complies with PACFA Code of Ethics**
Kerryann Maloney
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